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A Turkish Wind in EA Sports FC 24: The Signature of Orkun Işıtmak

A collaboration that breaks the boundaries of the digital world, a development that excites football and gaming enthusiasts: Famous content creator Orkun Işıtmak has designed a special jersey for EA Sports FC 24. This design has found its place in one of the game’s most popular modes, Ultimate Team, and has been made available globally.

The design, which brings the colors and culture of Turkey to the world stage, features the red and white colors of the proud Turkish flag prominently. Moreover, this special jersey, embellished with motifs inspired by Turkish culture, has been offered for the appreciation of football fans.

In-Game Elegance and National Pride

EA Sports FC 24 is a phenomenon that locks millions of players to their screens every year. In this year’s edition, the inclusion of Orkun Işıtmak’s signature jersey shows that the game is not just a means of entertainment, but can also act as an ambassador of culture. Players can now proudly carry the colors of our national team in the virtual world.

How to Get It?

This jersey, which is distributed randomly through packs in the Ultimate Team mode, requires players to try their luck to obtain it. This special design offers players a unique experience.

Orkun Işıtmak and EA Sports’ Creative Touch

Orkun Işıtmak is a name known for his creativity and innovative approach. This collaboration with EA Sports FC 24 allows him to showcase his art and Turkish culture on a global platform. The design of this special jersey, highlighting both aesthetic and national values, opens a new chapter in the gaming world.

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