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Cookie Policy

In this cookie policy we aim to inform users who visit our site and explain the processing of data, you can see below how we use cookies and the purposes of using cookies.

Cookies are small files that a website you enter saves on your computer. The website you enter requests your browser to save these cookies. Thus, when you enter the relevant site again, your personal information will be automatically recognized. The types of cookies on our site are as follows:

1-) Functional cookies:

It is the type of cookie required for the website to function properly. It is necessary for you to easily navigate the pages on our site and to make personal adjustments. Thus, your personal preferences and settings are stored and processed.

2-) Analytical cookies:

eTail Market uses analytical cookies. These cookies collect data about Google Analytics and are used to measure the number of visitors to your site, the number of views of your website pages and similar attributes. All necessary analysis of your site is performed by these cookies.

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