What is Q Code 55 Error? Why Does It Occur?
Q Code 55 error is one of the problems we often encounter on Asus motherboards. When we encounter this error, we need to know that the motherboard may have a specific problem. As with every error, this error has certain solutions. However, in order to solve the error, first of all, it is necessary to determine why the Q Code 55 error occurred.

When the Q Code 55 error occurs, problems such as the motherboard or computer not working may occur. Therefore, in order to use the computer with the same performance again, it is necessary to solve this error as a priority. There are many ways that can be applied to a solution. However, in order for these ways to be implemented, we must first know the cause of the problem and take steps accordingly.

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What Causes Q Code 55 Error?
This problem, which occurs on ASUS motherboard models, is generally a memory problem. In this case, the Q Code 55 error occurs on the motherboard, where the motherboard and the memory do not match and the necessary checks must be made.

The definition of this error means that the RAM memory is not installed. However, not every Q Code 55 error indicates a memory problem. In some cases, there may also be incompatibilities between the processor and the motherboard. In this type of problem, Q Code 55 error may occur.

How to Solve Q Code 55 Error?
In some cases, the Q Code 55 error, which is caused by an incompatibility between the processor and the motherboard, is generally known as a memory problem. Therefore, when we see this error and code, we need to check the memories. You can follow the steps below for solving this error and checking the memory;

1. Insert the RAM memory into the DIMM_A2 slot and start your system.

2. Then enter the BIOS, select the XMP 1 settings and open it.

3. Then select DRAM Timing Control.

4. Find the MRC FAST Boot setting in the settings here and then set it to Disabled.

5. Save the settings using the F10 key.

6. Exit the BIOS and reboot the system.

If you follow the steps above, the Q Code 55 error will be fixed. After the error is resolved, you can install the other memory and continue using your ASUS computer.

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