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Moze, fl4k, Amara & Zane from Borderlands 3 in the background and Borderlands 3 All Classes title in the front

Borderlands 3, the highly anticipated installment in the beloved Borderlands series, brings back the chaotic and loot-filled world that fans have come to know and love. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the selection of diverse and unique character classes, known as Vault Hunters, each offering a distinct playstyle and abilities. In this article, we will explore the four classes available in Borderlands 3 and help you choose the perfect Vault Hunter to suit your preferred style of gameplay.

Moze - The Gunner

If you love destruction and heavy firepower, Moze is the character class for you. Moze is a versatile gunner who can summon a massive mech suit called Iron Bear to rain down chaos on her enemies. With the ability to equip different weapon attachments on Iron Bear's arms, Moze can dish out devastating damage while also providing a strong defensive presence on the battlefield. Additionally, Moze has access to various skill trees that allow for customization, including ones that focus on grenade damage, fuel efficiency, and summoning a bear-like companion called a "pet".

Amara - The Siren

Amara is the classic Siren, a character class known for their mystical powers. With her ability to harness the ethereal energy known as Phasecast, Phasegrasp, and Phaseslam, Amara is a force to be reckoned with. She can control the battlefield by immobilizing enemies, creating powerful shockwaves, and dealing elemental damage. Amara's skill trees offer a range of options, allowing players to focus on melee combat, elemental damage, or maximizing her mystical abilities. If you enjoy a mix of magic and close-quarters combat, Amara is an excellent choice.

FL4K - The Beastmaster

If you prefer having a loyal companion by your side, FL4K, the Beastmaster, is the class to consider. FL4K is a robot who can summon one of three different creatures to aid them in battle: a Spiderant, a Skag, or a Jabber. These creatures provide support and distractions, allowing FL4K to focus on dealing massive damage with their extensive arsenal of weapons. FL4K's skill trees offer customization options that emphasize pet damage, critical hits, and improving survivability. If you enjoy commanding the battlefield with your trusty animal companion, FL4K is the perfect choice.

Zane - The Operative

Zane is a versatile operative who excels at deception, gadgets, and using his environment to gain an advantage. Equipped with a range of gadgets and gadgets, Zane can deploy a digital clone, a shield, and a drone to wreak havoc on enemies. Zane's skill trees offer different strategies, including ones that focus on increasing damage output, providing crowd control, or enhancing survivability through health regeneration and shield improvements. If you enjoy a tactical approach, utilizing gadgets and decoys to outwit your foes, Zane is the Vault Hunter for you.

Choosing the right class in Borderlands 3 is crucial for maximizing your enjoyment of the game. Whether you prefer wreaking havoc with heavy weaponry, summoning mystical powers, commanding a loyal companion, or utilizing gadgets and decoys, there is a class to suit your playstyle. Experiment with different characters and skill trees to find the perfect combination of abilities and weapons that resonate with you. Borderlands 3 offers a wealth of content and replayability, ensuring that each class provides a unique and exciting experience. So grab your friends, load your guns, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through the chaotic world of Borderlands 3.

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