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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Crashed in Steam Reviews

The role-playing game Dragon’s Dogma 2, which some have just heard of and some have been counting the days for its release, has finally made its debut worldwide. However, despite initially seeming promising, the game quickly began to reveal its less appealing aspects.

Game Issues

One of the biggest problems the game has encountered is unnecessary microtransactions, graphic issues, and optimization problems. When the number of complaints expressed by PC gamers on Steam reached 13,000, the game’s reviews were described as “mostly negative”.

However, players are not united in their opinions. Some claim they have not encountered any problems in the game and accuse others of exaggerating the issue. The other group argues that the former is ignoring the problems.

Microtransactions and Graphic Issues

Things that can be easily obtained by playing the game are being sold for money. Features like character editing and fast travel being sold as additional content on the Steam page seem to have upset players. This is because, for example, the character editing function can be unlocked without paying in the early stages of the game. However, players new to the game may think they will miss out on this feature if they do not purchase this content.

There is also the issue of optimization. In some areas of the game, FPS values can hit rock bottom. Even those with an RTX 4090 and i9-13900k duo report experiencing FPS drops.

Capcom Is 'Aware' of Dragon's Dogma 2 Frame Rate Issues on PC, Looking Into  Fixes - IGN

Currently, Dragon’s Dogma 2’s review scores seem to have ticked up slightly. The game is now described as “mixed”, not “mostly negative”. There are almost 30,000 reviews in total, and most of them are negative. But as we said, the number of those who do not see any problem in the game is also quite high.

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