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Elden Ring's Mobile Version Is Coming!

Elden Ring, an action and role-playing game, has gained immense popularity since its release in 2022. Selling approximately *20 million copies* in its first year, it became the second best-selling game globally. Players are eagerly awaiting the release of the upcoming DLC pack titled "Shadow of the Erdtree."

However, a recent bombshell has surfaced: Chinese tech giant Tencent is working on a mobile version of Elden Ring! A dedicated team has been assembled, and prototype development is already underway. Reports suggest that Tencent is behind this mobile adaptation of Elden Ring.

Tencent aims to transform Elden Ring into a free-to-play mobile game, following a similar model used in successful titles like Genshin Impact. Considering that Elden Ring was originally designed as a premium game, this approach seems somewhat contrary to its design philosophy.

While there is no official confirmation or denial yet, this news is intriguing for players eagerly anticipating the mobile version of Elden Ring. The timing of Tencent's completion and the mobile version's release date remain uncertain. Nevertheless, fans of Elden Ring will be closely following this development.

The mobile version of Elden Ring could be an exciting step, potentially expanding the game's reach to a broader audience. Mobile gamers are eagerly awaiting the chance to explore this epic world!

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