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First Patch for Hogwarts Legacy Arrived

The first patch has arrived for Hogwarts Legacy, the new favorite game of PC games and Console game lovers. Although there are no problems that will disrupt the game to a great extent in the new patch, it has been announced that adjustments have been made so that players can have a more fluent experience.

At the beginning of the problems solved with the new update, the online connection problem experienced by the players during registration and some errors related to the DLC are coming. It was stated that besides the bug when stopping the game, two main issues such as the loss of player inventory during the mission were fixed. According to the official patch notes, audio, UI, cinematics, ray tracing, performance and many more technical bugs have been fixed.


Hogwarts Legacy



Some of the patch notes published by Warner Bros., which tries to provide a good experience to the players with this patch;


  • Online
    • An improvement has been made regarding the smooth transfer of achievement data to the Wizarding World portal after connection.
  • Gameplay
    • owl post
    • Fixed an issue where mail was not delivered in ongoing missions.
  • world events
    • Fixed crashes in certain locations where world events took place.
  • NPC
    • Fixed crashes when spawning NPCs.
    • Fixed crashes with some NPC calendars.
  • Characters
    • Fixed the issue where characters' heads would become transparent and flicker when their hair was in place.
  • Interface
    • Updated localization texts for additional content items.
    • Added build number to End User License Agreement.
    • Fixed an issue where job descriptions would not appear properly from time to time.
  • Cinematic
    • Fixed the VFX rendering of the gown transformation.
    • Fixed the stability issue when passing cutscenes.
    • Fixed a crash when watching cutscenes and cinematics.
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