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5 Game Recommendations for Strategy Fans

1-Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings III is a very detailed strategy game set in the Middle Ages. In the game, you take on a royal or noble ruler somewhere in the world, and you struggle to successfully continue and develop your lineage throughout.
The rating by Metacritic is 100/91.


Paradox Interactive
Release Date 01/09/2020

2-Victoria 3

Victoria 3 is a game based on strategy in general. The subject and goal of the game takes place in the 19th century and is the protection of society, the elimination of conflicts of interest and the achievement of the deserved position. For this purpose, it is necessary to fight by applying certain strategies. Victoria 3 offers not only strategy, but also a simulation experience. There is also a community simulation in the game. There are many nations in the game and each nation has different goals. You can rule the society by choosing one of many options such as radical states, peace-loving states, expansionist politics and creating an agricultural and industrial state. Victoria 3 is among the best games for government and augmentation in the 19th century. Its Metacritic score is 100/83.

Produced by Paradox Interactive
Release Date 25/10/2022

3- Cities: Skylines

This game is a modern version of the classic city simulations and offers the excitement and challenges of creating and maintaining a real city with new gameplay elements. The game expands on some of the deeply rooted qualities of the city building experience. Its Metacritic score is 100/85.

Release Date 10/03/2015
Produced by Paradox Interactive

4- World Turtles
World Turtles is a game designed to establish a healthy colony aimed at sustainability. The game can also be described as a modern version of a classic city simulation. In the game, which features characters named Meep, you lead the initially scattered community and turn it from a small village on the back of a turtle into a sprawling colony living on the back of a space-faring reptile. Freedom Games expands on the classic aspects of the city building experience by offering a different experience and prioritizes sustainability.


Produced by Freedom Games
Release Date 01/05/2023

5- Dungeon Drafters
Dungeon Drafters is a roguelite dungeon crawler game with card game mechanics. Players will act as an avid young adventurer who wants to explore ancient dungeons to collect the legendary magic deck, loot treasure chests, uncover hidden secrets and defeat their enemies.


Producer: Dangen Entertainment
Release Date :27/04/2023



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