What is Kasedo Games?

Kasedo Games is a video game producer company that has been publishing games on various platforms for a long time and bringing these games to users around the world. Kasedo Games, which is more in the role of a developer rather than a producer, also publishes games on various platforms from time to time.

Kasedo, which we generally know with mobile games, mostly works with independent game developers. Kasedo Games, which produces games that are developed independently without the support of any company, finds itself among the most important producer and developer companies in the video game industry.

Kasedo Games History

Kasedo Games is a company that has been developing video games for about 8 years. Founded in January 2014, this company has released many games on various platforms. Founded in Leicester, England in 2014, the headquarters of the company is still the same. The UK-based company has a history of approximately 8 years.

What are The Games of Kasedo Games?

Kasedo Games has undertaken the production of many games both in the development and publishing stages. There are many games that have managed to make the name of the company known. Kasedo Games games in general are as follows;

Kasedo Games Which Is The Most Known Game?

Kasedo Games has released a large number of games to platforms such as both mobile and PC. However, Rise of Industry published by the company is the most well-known game. This game, which reached a wide audience, helped the company become more well-known.

Published by Kasedo Games, Rise of Industry is a game in which we control the business life and the company. Our goal in Rise of Industry, also known as a strategy game, is to grow and expand our company. For this, we need to access more information about the markets and evaluate the market well. Although the game starts out simple, it gets harder as you progress. The reason for this is that all kinds of details are not skipped in the game. Rise of Industry, one of the best business simulation games, is one of the games that Kasedo Games has published as both mobile and PC versions.

On Which Platforms Has Kasedo Games Published Games?

Kasedo Games is one of the video game producer companies that publishes games not only for a single platform, but also for multiple platforms. Some of the games and platforms published by the company are as follows;

  • Rise of Industry

PC, Mobile: May 2, 2019

  • Mechanic

PS4, ANDROID, PC, XBOX NINTENDO: November 15, 2018

  • Excubitor

PC: 2018

  • City of Gangsters

PC: August 9, 2021

  • Project Highrise

PS4, ANDROID, IOS, PC, XBOX: September 8, 2016

Kasedo Games is a company that continues to publish games on many platforms, especially mobile and PC.

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