LOL Meta Champions 12.8

League of Legends players are wondering about the jungle meta, mid lane meta and the champions of these areas after the 12.8 patch is released. In this article, which will explain the meta champions in the game, there is also information about the features of the champions and how to implement them with a strategy.

In this direction, you can learn about LOL meta champions by carefully reading our article. First of all, let's transfer the League of Legends jungle meta champions to you;

League of Legends Orman

LOL 12.8 Jungle Meta Champions

First among 12.8 jungle meta champions;

·   Nunu & Willump

Nunu and Willump duo is one of the most ideal choices as a jungler. Having a very strong union, this duo has the ability to inflict excessive damage by stunning enemies. This duo, who can create this damage with snowballs, is also very good artillery. Since they are strong in the early part of the game, they clean the forest to a large extent and leave their opponents stunned for a long time thanks to their very powerful cc. The duo of Nunu and Willump, one of the most feared names of other champions in the game, seems to continue to haunt many opponents, especially with their snowball abilities.

·   Diana

Diana, with a crescent-shaped blade in her hand, is a warrior of Mount Targon and the forbidden belief around it, the Lunari. Diana, who takes on the role of a moon with her shining armor on cold winter nights, struggles to understand her purpose with her power in the world.

This champion with abilities such as silver blade, crescent attack and pale camera; Deals bonus magic damage by slashing enemies with his silver blade attack. Also, Diana moves faster for 3 attacks after casting her ability. On the Champion's Crescent Strike ability, Moon energy is released, dealing magic damage to the targeted area. This ability, which also reveals enemies hidden by the moonlight, puts Diana in a very advantageous position for 3 seconds. The other ability, the pale camera, explodes and deals damage when Diana's three orbs touch enemies. Additionally, Diana gains a temporary shield that absorbs damage at this point. If the third of the three orbs explodes, the shield also gains bonus power. Moon run and moon fall are other abilities Diana has.

·   Kindred

Divided within itself but never separated, this champion represents the twin essences of death. The abilities of this Kindred, one of the important champions of the game; The imprint of the hunter is the Dance of Arrows, the Fury of the Wolf, the Nightmare, the Tenderness of the Lamb. In the Hunter's Imprint ability, Kindred stamps their targets for prey and strengthens their basic abilities after the hunt is successful. Also, for every 4 successful hunts, Kindred's basic attack range is increased. In Dance of Arrows, Kindred is seen shooting in a certain direction and firing up to 3 arrows at nearby targets. In Wolf's Fury, the wolf becomes enraged and deals a lot of damage to surrounding enemies. In the Nightmare ability, the lamb shoots carefully and slows the target. Also, if the Lamb inflicts two more attacks on the target, the Wolf swoops down on the target on its third attack, dealing massive destruction to the target it damaged.

·   Kayn

Kayn is a champion who can give players a big advantage because he has two different styles. Kayn, who can determine his style of play according to the state of the game, appears as a good fighter in the form of Rhaast. In his shadow assassin form, he excels in teamfights and outshines other champions.

League of Legends Mid

LOL 12.8 Mid Lane Meta Champions

Some of the best champions in mid lan at LOL 12.8;

·   Veigar

Veigar is ideal for beginners as he is a champion with one shot potential. This character's best ability is to create a cage that stuns enemy champions. In this way, it provides the opportunity to eliminate more than one opponent. Veigar, a very advantageous champion for mid lane if used well; In E, W, and R combos, it gives the opponent a chance to one-shot.

·   Ahri

Ahri is the Nine-Tailed Fox champion who was revealed 11 years ago. Connected to the hidden powers of Runeterra, Ahri has the ability to transform magic into orbs. He is also a character who likes to play with the emotions of his prey before capturing the essence of life. Ahri is one of the most ideal choices to gain the advantage in the mid lane.

·   Qiyana

Qiyana is one of the best mid laners to play in patch 12.8. Although it has not been strengthened in this patch, there is no decrease in its effectiveness in the game. Considered one of the strongest champions by many players, this character's W ability enables his weapon to become stronger at important points. With this ability, the champion's attacks and abilities are strengthened during the spell's duration, and can be dominated by the mid lane.

·   Yone

Yone is one of the most ideal mid laner champions as there are no nerfs against him this patch. The most important ability of this character; It is the Free Spirit ability (E ability) that allows him to trade and deals massive damage in a short time. This character, which makes sense to be chosen to dominate the mid lane, is expected to get stronger in other patches.

League of Legends Top

LOL 12.8 Top Lane Meta Champions

Some of the best champions in the top lane at LOL 12.8;

·   Darius

Darius is one of the strongest early game champions in the game. Extended trades work in Darius' favor thanks to his Passive ability. He is a great duelist at low ELO because many players like to fight all the time. He's really good in teamfights thanks to his ultimate that can reset if he takes the killing blow.

·   Garen

Garen can stay in the lane even after taking too much poke damage from his opponents with his passive ability. It can also lead opponents to waste a lot of valuable summoner spells.

·   Irelia

In addition to the increased damage he deals to shields, the damage he can deal with a fully stacked Passive allows him to perform a lot if he uses his ability properly with his Passive. This alone can enable him to get rid of multiple opponents.

·   Yone

Allowing him to play around his team quite often, Yone benefits his team a lot and deals high damage to his opponents. The only thing that the Yone player has to do is to keep the lanes under the radar of his opponent. With his Free Spirit ability, Yone can achieve more success than his opponents.

League of Legends Bot

LOL 12.8 Bot Lane Meta Champions

Some of the top champions in the bottom lane at LOL 12.8 level;

·   Vayne

The game becomes extremely powerful when it stays overnight and can carry a single game if the game lasts that long. He can even duel with enemy champions thanks to him.

·   Yasuo

It is very powerful when the enemy is pushed up and a new wave of minions approaches. With his "E" ability, he can catch up with the enemy lane and then raid them quite easily with his "Q".

·   Samira

Samira has an incredibly powerful all-in feature. Especially when her opponents are separated from each other or fall behind, Samira can easily hunt them down.

·   Jhin

Jhin's passive power makes it easy to trade with opponents at the start. With such strength at an early stage, he can easily lead the group and finish the game before his most important enemies become stronger.

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