Lost Ark System Requirements

Lost Ark, which brings a new sound and breath to the gaming community, has been released! Lost Ark, the new game of Amazon Prime, offers a completely different MMO world to 2022 players with its advanced dynamics and different features. One of the most curious things about Lost Ark was the system requirements. We have listed the system requirements of Lost Ark for you below. You can find the answers to your questions such as Lost Ark system requirements, how many GB of Lost Ark are in this article.

Lost Ark

Elden Ring, which was announced to be released on January 21, 2022, was delayed due to the pandemic. Their development also varied accordingly. Here are the system requirements of Elden Ring, which will meet PC players now and finally on February 25, 2022;

Lost Ark Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3


Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX or AMD HD6850

Size: 50 GB free space

Lost Ark Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5


Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX 1050

Size: 50 GB free space

How Many GB is Lost Ark?

You need at least 50 GB of free space to play Lost Ark. However, since Lost Ark is a new game, it would not be wrong to say that it will receive constant updates and the amount of size will increase. Based on this situation, it will be better for you and your game performance to have at least 80 GB of free space.

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