Modern Warfare 3 Surpasses MW2: Multiplayer Dominance and Extended Campaign Playtime - Gaming News - eTail EU Blog
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In a striking departure from its predecessor, Modern Warfare 3 has seized the attention of Call of Duty enthusiasts, with players dedicating more time to the game across all modes, particularly in multiplayer. Activision's latest data reveals Rust as the most played map by matches, while Terminal leads in total hours played. Scrapyard's popularity is underscored by being the most voted-for multiplayer map.

Despite a shorter campaign, players are investing more time in Modern Warfare 3's storyline, featuring Open Combat-style missions for increased replayability. However, the game's overall success, shrouded in mixed reviews, raises questions amid the backdrop of annual releases within the Modern Warfare series.

Post-launch, Modern Warfare 3 has received updates addressing Zombies stability and multiplayer adjustments. Sledgehammer Games promises more changes, including a multiplayer stamina bar. Season 1, starting in early December, brings Warzone integration, core multiplayer maps, and Zombies updates.

As the community eagerly awaits these additions, the title "CoD: Modern Warfare 3 Players Spending More Time In Multiplayer Compared To MW2" aptly captures the game's enduring impact on multiplayer engagement, leaving the true influence on sales and sustained player interest yet to be fully revealed.

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