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Space Games

What are Space Games?

Space games are among the categories preferred by players who are interested in space and similar atmospheres. There are many games from the past to the present in this category. These games, which take place outside the world, allow players to discover a completely different universe. There are great games in this category that allow you to explore space and embark on different adventures.

So which are the best space games? What are the games set in space? What are the most popular space games? You can continue reading our article to learn more about the answers to all these questions and the games in the space category.


PC Games

What are the Games Set in Space?

While some games are car racing, some games are battle royal, some games take their subject from space. In addition, not only does it take space as its subject, but the games also prefer space as a venue. This allows space simulations to come to computer and console screens. The games in the category of space games and taking place in space are as follows;

Star Wars: Squadrons

1. Star Wars: Squadrons

The Star Wars: Squadrons game, which we can call a spaceship simulation, was released in 2020. Published for PC, Playstation and XBOX platforms, this game allows you to participate in a galactic war involving spaceships. It is possible to play this game, which has a very impressive story mode, also online.

Kerbal Space

2. Kerbal Space

Kerbal Space game allows you to animate the full space simulation. In this game, in which space and the world are impressively simulated, you generally try to go into space. We also support creatures called Kerbals to conquer the universe. The game becomes quite impressive with its graphics. Kerbal Space released the game in 2013 for PS4, XBOX One and PC.

Mass Effect 2

3. Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect game has always managed to attract attention with its story. Mass Effect 2, one of the most impressive games in the series, also has an impressive story. This game, which has a space theme, finds its place in both the space category and the role-playing category. Star Trek and Star Wars universes almost merge in this game with incredible action.

Outer Wilds

4. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds game is getting ready to take its place in stores soon. This adventure game, which attracts attention with its open world, takes place entirely in space. It is even possible to see the sun in the universe in the game. The game also takes the sun as a subject. The sun is going into a supernova and it's going to kill everyone. You are responsible for preventing it. You have only 22 minutes to complete this task. Of course, the game is not limited to these 22 minutes. The game is in a continuous loop and with each loop you get something new for the next loop. You can easily play Outer Wilds on XBOX and PC platforms.

Dead Space

5. Dead Space

Dead Space game is also among the best games that have managed to bring space to our screens in a wonderful way. In this game, we play and role-play the aerospace engineer Isaac Clarke. Our main goal in the game is to kill Necromorphs. It is possible to play this game, which has an incredible atmosphere and graphics, on PS3, XBOX, and PC.

No Man's Sky

6. No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky is perhaps one of the most popular space games. This game manages to attract the attention of the players with its clear intelligence and plenty of free time. In this way, players can explore space in their free time. It is possible to play this game, released in 2016, on PS5, PS4, XBOX, PC and ANDROID.

Star Trek

7. Star Trek

This online game, which brings the Star Trek universe to our screens and is completely free, is the best space-themed role-playing game. In this game, which reflects the space atmosphere and graphics in the best way, we can travel all over the galaxy and perform the tasks we encounter while traveling.

Universe Sandbox

8. Universe Sandbox 2

Universe Sandbox 2 game is one of the games that was only released for PC in 2012. On the contrary, the game brings to our screens everything that has been discovered about space, from the past to the present. In this respect, it manages to attract the attention of users. This game, which reflects the universe simulation to us in the best way, allows us to place objects in different areas in accordance with the laws of physics.

Most Popular Space Games

Many games that are about space or that prefer space as a place are produced by producer companies from past to present. While some of these games take their place on the shelves without reaching the desired number of players, some of them reach players around the world and manage to introduce their names in a short time. The most played, most popular space games today are as follows;

  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars series
  • No Man' Sky
  • Universe Sandbox 2
  • Dead Space
  • outer wilds
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Mass Effect

The above games are preferred more than other games in the category and therefore they are very popular today.

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