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    Valorant Best Characters 2022

    Riot Games' game Valorant has many features that distinguish it from other FPS games. The most important of these are agents and, of course, game mechanics. Game elements are very similar to CS:GO content, but more polished to give it a unique look. The Valorant agent list has been growing since the game's launch, and there are currently 19 agents in Valorant. Each agent has different abilities and traits. That's why we've compiled the 2022 list of Valorant agent levels and ranked each agent as good or bad based on their relevance in the current meta.

    We built our list using tiers S, A, B, and C, from best to worst.



    Valorant En İyi Karakter Jett


    It is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to the most popular duelist agents in the game. If it falls into the hands of a good player, terrible things can be done with his ult in eco rounds. Despite the nerf given to Dash, Jett's most important ability, he still takes his place among the most used agents with the new meta.


    With a Sheriff-like Headhunter ability and an his ult that's like an operator weapon when opened, Chamber can be a total killing machine in the hands of the masters.


    Putting one level up from Sage, Skye is one of the most popular agents of recent times, thanks to her 2 flash abilities, the controllable tiger she can use to get information, and most importantly, her ability to heal all her near teammates. Remember, you can easily locate your enemies thanks to her ult.


    Viper is a master of control, his ultimate strength is quite a deterrent to enemies that will attack when unlocked. 2 heavily damaged aSnake Bites you can use in any situation, a Poison Cloud and a fairly long There's a Toxic Screen.

    Valorant En İyi Karakter Sova


    Thanks to her Recon Bolt and Owl Drone, Sova is one of the best agents in the game, thanks to him Shock Bolt and ultimate that deal heavy damage to the enemy when hit.




    As for the A-level, our first name is Reyna. She is a Duelist that you can play alone without really needing anyone, thanks to the ability to take heal from the soul orb that comes out after colliding with the enemy or the ability to become transparent with short time. Also having 2 flashes and ultimate ability is really a big advantage.


    Adapting quickly to the meta since the day it came to the game, Neon can go from place to place in a very short time with its High Gear ability. Really good work can be done with the temporary wall it creates with stunners and power lines. Neon's ultimate is a killing machine.


    With its Gravity Well and Nova Pulse capabilities, the Astra is much more than a smoker agent. A true control expert with her Cosmic Divide ultimate.


    With its "Fault Line", "Flashpoint" and "Aftershock" capabilities, Breach is a very useful agent. Really cool things can be done with his ult. All these features make Breach a complete "Initiators".

    Valorant En İyi Karakter Sage


    Thanks to the Wall of Ice, the Slow orb, and the ability to restore health to both herself and her allies, Sage is a really useful agent. Being able to revive a dead teammate with his ultimate is another privilege.


    Our next agent is Killjoy. Thanks to the Nanoswarms and the Turret, he can deal pretty good damage to his enemies. Thanks to the Alarm Bot, he can learn about the enemies within his range and after a long preparation period with the Ultimate, he can detain all the enemies under the influence of the device. All things considered, Killjoy seems more effective than Cypher, which is why we put him at an A-rank.


    Thanks to the Paint Shells, Boom Bot, and Blastpack features, Raze is much more than a Duelist. She can do great things with her ultimate, which is a rocket launcher when unlocked, and can be used not only as an offensive agent but also as a defensive agent, among other abilities.



    Valorant En İyi Karakter Omen


    Man of Shadows. Omen is a true Controller with his signature ability Dark Cover, Shrouded Step that teleports from a short distance, and Paranoia that blinds everyone when thrown. Omen has always been one of the most dominant and effective agents in critical matches, as his ultimate can teleport anywhere at any time.


    Good damage can be done to enemies with the Incendiary ability and the ultimate Orbital Strike. With the Stim Beacon you provide incredible projectile speed to your teammates and yourself. With the Signature ability Sky Smoke, you can make things easier when entering enemy territory or complicate things when defending.


    KAY/O, which we've only just started seeing in the current meta, is a really good agent with Fragment Grenade, Flash that deals heavy damage to enemies, and Zero/Point, his signature ability that takes information from enemies. . With his ultimate unlocked, KAY/O can be an unstoppable agent in the hands of solid players, whose projectile speed increases tremendously.


    Fade is a true Initiator agent, thanks to her unique abilities that allow her teammates to navigate dangerous corners to advance. Fade has managed to be an effective agent in the new meta with her Haunt and Prowler abilities, where we can learn about enemies, and Seize, a binding ability that prevents enemies within range from escaping when thrown. Also, Fade is truly one of the agents not to be taken lightly, with the her ultimate Nightfall being our most helpful tool when attacking any site.


    Another Sentinel agent is Cypher. Thanks to the Trapwire, Cyber Cage and Spycam abilities, we can be quite comfortable defending any area with Cypher. Cypher is a really useful character with his ultimate that instantly shows the location of all enemy players living on the map when used.



    Valorant En İyi Karakter Phoenix


    As for the C tier, the first name is Phoenix. We placed him in this tier because we thought he was inferior to other Duelist agents. Despite having 2 flashes, 1 flame wall, and 1 fireball, Phoenix doesn't exactly have the capacity of a Duelist agent.


    Yoru has received many nerfs and buffs since coming into the game. With these tweaks, it looks like the Riot developers have finally found the right formula in the new meta. Yoru's abilities allow her to use energy from another dimension. He can use this to create a copy of himself or create teleporters that he can teleport directly to. Also Yoru has 2 flashes. When his ultimate is unlocked, Yoru will transcend to another dimension and become invisible for 10 seconds and can quickly go anywhere with his increased speed.

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