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Valorant Team Ace Skin Collection

Valorant Team Ace Skin Collection

Officially released on June 2, 2020, Valorant has become one of the most popular FPS games in the world. Inspired by games such as CS: GO and Overwatch, what makes the game stand out among its competitors is the game's colorful abilities and gameplay mechanics as well as its visuals. Riot Games has always had a knack for developing beautiful skins and applying them flawlessly, and Valorant is no exception.

With the arrival of Chapter 4: Act 2, Valorant introduced a new skin pack, Team Ace, to players on March 16.


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Duelist Agent Theme

This skin collection, which stands out with the theme of the Duelist class, which is arguably the most popular agent class in the game, and is at the Deluxe skin level, does not have an upgrade feature for any weapon. Despite this, they are among the preferences of the players with their eye-catching designs, each of which has beautiful colors.

Each weapon has a different Duelist agent visual.


Here are all the weapons included in the Team Ace bundle:

  • Operator (Jett)
  • Vandal (Reyna)
  • Judge (Raze)
  • Frenzy (Yoru)
  • Phantom (Phoenix)

As we are used to from other skin collections, this pack does not have a melee skin.

In addition to the weapon skins, the Ace of Team pack also includes a spray, gun buddy, and player card. But keep in mind that to get these cosmetics, you have to buy the whole package.

Weapon Upgrades

Riot Games has not added any upgrade features for the Valorant Team Ace  collection. However, this skin bundle; Thanks to the theme of the Duelist class, one of the most popular agent classes in the game, and the harmony of its eye-catching colors with this theme, it has managed to gain appreciation among the players.

Team Ace Skin Collection Price

As with all other Deluxe skin tier skin collections, the Team Ace collection costs 5100 Valorant Points (VP), while the entire pack is 1275 VP for individual weapon skins.

How to Get Valorant Points (VP)?

There are 2 known ways to buy VP. Firstly; By clicking the Buy VP button directly from Valorant's in-game store. You can buy VPs and pay quickly by choosing various payment methods on this screen.

The second way is to buy your VPs as codes on our site. To activate this code, you must log in to Valorant again, first click on the Store and then on the Buy VP button. Finally, you should click on the box that says Riot PIN and Codes and confirm by typing the VP code you purchased into the box that opens.

To access new features in the game and increase your gaming pleasure, Buy Valorant VP from eTail now and take your place in the FPS world!

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