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Valorant vs PUBG

Valorant vs PUBG

Valorant, which is among the most played games of the last period along with Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and PUBG, first announced its name with the code name Project A. Valorant, which differs from many games in terms of design and content, contains imaginary characters. It can be said that Valorant, which differs from PUBG at this point, is more similar to Counter Strike.

PUBG, which is an FPS type game, has many players all over the world and in Turkey. PUBG, a game closer to reality than Valorant, was released by Bluhole and continues to be developed. You can download this game, which can be played on mobile and computer, from online sites.

What is Valorant?

Valorant, a multiplayer tactical first-person shooter developed and published by Riot Games, was first released in October 2019 under the codename Project A. Later, this game was officially presented to the players on June 2, 2020. In the game, two teams of five each come face to face, and one side plays the role of defense and the other side plays the role of attack.

In Valorant, a total of 25 rounds are played in two halves. In this series where 13 round winners are victorious, the matches first start with a 30-second buying process. Players who buy armor, weapons and abilities within the given time aim to place the device called "spike" in the target areas if they are on the attack side. The defending side of the game struggles to prevent the installation of these spikes and to destroy them if they do. In general, Valorant, which can be described as a mixture of League of Legends and Counter Strike games, has characters with many different features. These characters are;


·  Sova: One of the charismatic characters of the game, Sova takes on the leading role. This character, who can detect the location of the opponent and cause minor damage with reconnaissance and shock arrows, can shoot arrows that can pass through walls and damage without recognizing the distance with his ultimate ability.

·  Breach: Breach, one of the leading characters in the game, can make blinding shots by passing through walls. In addition, this character, who can create shocks that disrupt the balance of the enemy, puts his opponent in a difficult situation by passing through the walls. Thanks to his ultimate ability, he stuns and stuns the enemy, creating a massive earthquake.

·  Brimstone: This character, who acts as a control expert in the game, can throw smoke clouds that restrict the opponent's vision by creating fire bombs that do damage. It also applies satellite attacks, which can cause high damage, to the opponent thanks to its ultimate ability.

·  Viper: Viper, another control expert in the game, throws a poison orb that deals damage to his opponents. In addition, this character weaves a green wall of venom that deals damage, creating a huge cloud of venom that restricts vision with his ultimate ability.

·  Sage: This character in the role of the Watcher; He aims to make the work of his teammates easier by using the healing and slowing sphere and the barrier sphere that builds a wall. One of the indispensable characters of the teams, Sage's ultimate feature is to revive a teammate who died.

·  Cypher: Another sentry character, Cypher can create cyber cages and hidden cameras that restrict and slow down vision. The ultimate feature of this character, which aims to trap his opponents, is to detect the location of all enemies by using a dead enemy.

·   Jett: Jett, one of the game's most popular leading characters, can jump into the air and throw a fog cloud that restricts vision. This character, who can also move forward very quickly, can throw knives that can kill his enemies in one hit thanks to his ultimate feature.

·  Omen: Omen, one of the mysterious characters of the game, takes the role of a control expert. Throwing a range-limiting shadow throw and shadow orb, this character can teleport forward a short distance. As an ultimate feature, it can be teleported to a desired area of ​​the map in the game.

·  Phoneix: Phoenix, one of the game's duelists, can throw a blinding cue orb and throw a healing and damaging fireball. In addition, thanks to his ultimate ability, he can respawn in the place he marked when he dies within a certain period of time.

·  Raze:  Raze,  who is also a duelist, has the ability to throw explosive bags and cluster bombs. In addition, this character, who can throw bots that damage the enemy, uses a rocket launcher that creates high damage thanks to his ultimate ability.

·  Reyna: Perhaps the strongest character in the game, Reyna is indispensable for players with good aim levels. Reyna's ultimate feature, which has the ability to temporarily blind and take life from the opponents she kills, can become invisible through the enemies she kills in a temporary period and can take life automatically.


How to Play Valorant?

Before you enter your first round of the game, you have to choose from a group of characters, each with special skills designed to fight for victory and for their role. Each player officially enters the first round on a randomly selected map after choosing their character. After entering the game, switch sides in between by starting a round as an offensive or defensive player. You'll also need to complete the purchasing process, which allows you to get abilities, weapons, and armor before you can do either. After choosing your side and weapon, create a strategy in accordance with your team and character.

What is PUBG?

PubG, which has been played a lot lately both in the world and in Turkey, and the number of players continues to increase, was developed by Bluhole. In PubG, which is a multiplayer video game, the main story is created by the characters that start the game in an airplane with nearly 100 players on the route. These players can jump out of the plane whenever they want and land at any location on the island via their parachutes.

PubG has three different versions of the game. These versions are; The mobile version for phones, the PC version for computers, and the PubG Lite version, which is also supported by computers but with lower graphics.

How to Play PUBG?

The mechanics in the PC version of the game are the same for the mobile version. After downloading the PubG game from the App Store or Google Play Store to your mobile device, the first thing you need to do is start the game by creating your character. In the game, you can direct the character with your left thumb and direct your weapon with your right thumb. As in the computer version of the game, you can fight in teams or alone in the mobile version of the game. In addition, as in the PC version, you can choose different maps in the mobile version and increase your gaming pleasure even more.


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What Valorant and PUBG Have in Common

First of all, these two games are multiplayer and aim to take down opponents with weapons. For this reason, it can be said that both the PubG player base and the Valorant player base intersect to a large extent. In addition, there are similarities in strategy implementation as both games are fought in teams.

Valorant or PUBG?

Valorant and PubG games are played and loved quite a lot. It is very difficult to compare these two games, and it is also difficult to say which one is better. Since making this choice depends on the personal preference of the players, it is not possible to highlight a game clearly.

However, according to the recent data of the PubG game, the number of players has decreased. In contrast, the same cannot be said for Valorant. The number of users of the Valorant game, which offers different adventures to its players with its updates, does not change much. It is also known that the Valorant game had an average of 118,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch as of February 2022. However, it should be left to the users' discretion as to which of these two popular games is better or worse.

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