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  • What is Battle Pass?

    What is Battle Pass?

    What is Battle Pass in Games?

    Battle Pass is the name given to a subscription type often used in games. After purchasing the Battle Pass, players have the opportunity to unlock various rewards and new content.

    Battle Passes are usually renewed in the form of season passes. This indicates that they can be purchased for a certain period of time. Within this set time frame, players must progress through the game as far as possible and earn as many Battle Pass rewards as possible. Battle Passes should provide good value for money. They must provide players who complete the required missions with exactly the rewards they want. A variety of cosmetics, currencies, upgrades, loot boxes, characters, and access to new levels can be obtained with the Battle Pass. Most games have two different options, paid and free options. The free option is playable by all players, but offers a small amount of rewards.

    Difference Between Free and Paid Version

    Anyone can play the free-to-play version. Those who play this way are less likely to win prizes, and the prizes they earn aren't as good either. The purpose of the free version is to show players the real battle pass and make them want to buy it. Only the paid version offers players the full Battle Pass experience. In fact, the Battle Pass is not only a way to earn money, but also a valuable engagement and retention feature. It gives the player the potential to have multiple positive effects in any game regardless of genre.

    Fortnite, Known as The Pioneer of the Battle Pass

    Fortnite, a pioneer in this field with great success in the Battle Pass, is known as an open world battle royale game. Fortnite made its official debut on July 21, 2017. Before the Battle Pass feature came to mobile devices, it was mostly found in action-video games. Along with Fortnite, this event was also reflected on mobile devices. Then a trend emerged and Battle Pass started to appear in other mid-range mobile games. Other FPS games like PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile have also added Battle Pass content. Within a few months, this trend had spread to other species.

    Clash of Clans Battle Pass

    When the Clash of Clans game released the Battle Pass feature, the revenues from the game increased a lot. When they added the Gold Pass feature, the game's revenue increased by 145% compared to the previous week. The amount that players who want to buy the Battle Pass had to pay was $4,99. Battle Pass rewards are quite varied. Different items can be earned such as gold, special hero skins, power-ups, special perks and season bank upgrades. Also, players can build faster when they purchase Battle Pass, and players' heroes will heal faster.

    Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Pass

    When players start playing Call of Duty: Mobile, they are almost familiar with the Battle Pass. After the first battle is over, the Battle Pass appears and integrates with the tutorial part of the game. Players can see the reward path for both free and paid options here, and the tutorial text directs players to the "buy" button. Battle Pass in Call of Duty: Mobile appeared in two phases. The first tier can be purchased for 560 COD points or $6.00. If players purchase this version, they can unlock all Premium rewards. The upgraded Battle Pass tier is on sale for $12.00. It provides additional benefits by focusing more on cosmetic products. Because there are three different price points, the Battle Pass caters to three types of player groups. The Battle Pass season in this game lasts for 6 weeks.

    Fortnite Battle Pass

    The Battle Pass is often recommended for those who want to purchase special items. Because the Battle Pass provides access to content that cannot be obtained and unlocked in any other way. Battle Pass prices may vary. The Battle Pass value in Fortnite is currently $ 7,99. However, in order to purchase the Battle Pass in Fortnite, you must first purchase the game's own currency, V-Bucks. After purchasing the Battle Pass, you must reach Level 100 to receive all the rewards. Each Battle Pass has its own special series and rewards players as part of that series.

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