What is Motorsport Gaming US?

Motorsport Gaming US is a US-based video game content producer company. This company, which usually produces video games based on automotive and motor vehicles, has managed to make its name known with many popular games. In addition, Motorsport Gaming US is a large and large video game production company with headquarters in many countries.

The company has headquarters in the United Kingdom, especially in the United States, and in other United Kingdom countries. He also works in areas such as digital marketing and product development in these company centers. In addition, the company cooperates with different centers and different companies in order to develop games on the automotive sector.

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When was Motorsport Gaming Founded?

Motorsport Gaming US was founded in 2015, headquartered in Miami, USA. Founded in 2015, this company employs more than 600 personnel, according to the information made in 2019. James Allen was appointed as the head of the company in 2018. Today, the company, which is managed by James Allen, later found investors and turned to the field of e-sports.

What are Motorsport Gaming US Games?

The company, which has been actively producing video content since 2015, develops games suitable for playing on different platforms. Motorsport Gaming US games are as follows;

What is Motorsport Gaming US Most Famous Game?

Among the best-known games produced by Motorsport Gaming US is NASCAR HEAT. This game, which is focused on car racing and rally, is among the most played games of the company. Also, NASCAR HEAT is a 7-game series. This series, which the company started to release in 2016, is still up-to-date with the Nascar Heat 5 game released in 2020.

In addition, the Formula E game developed by the company for the field of e-sports is among the most well-known games. Formula E, developed especially for e-sports challenges, is among the company's best-known and most played games.

Which Systems Has Motorsport Gaming US Released Games To?

Motorsport Gaming US video game company has been involved in the development and release of many games. In addition to e-sports challenges, this company has also released versions for different gaming platforms. These;

Nascar Heat

Playstation 4; May 2016

XBOX One; May 2016

Other Platforms; September 12, 2017

RFactor 2

Windows; 2012

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