What is Playdigious?

What is Playdigious?

Playdigious is a video game developer company for different platforms and systems. However, this company has a parent organization. This parent organization is Fragbite Group. It was established under and financially supported by the Playdigious Fragbite Group. This company has managed to make its name known with different games today.

When was Playdigious Founded?

Playdigious is a company founded in 2015. This game developer, which has only 6 years of history, manages to attract attention with the number of games over 10. Playdigious, which has managed to attract the attention of players with many popular games, is a France-based company.

This company, which has its headquarters in Montpellier and Nancy in France, has managed to introduce its name with different games. In addition, the company produces content for mobile, PC, PS and XBOX platforms. In addition, Playdigious is also known to provide financial support to independent game developers. The CEO of the company is Xavier Liard.

What are Playdigious Games?

Playdigious, which has been developing games for different systems since 2015, has managed to make its name known with many different games. The games published by the company since 2015 are as follows;

What is Playdigious Most Known Game?

Playdigious's most well-known game is Dead Celss. Although the company has developed and published many successful games, it gained its real fame with the Dead Cells series. This game has managed to sell 2 million copies only in China, and is highly preferred internationally. In Dead Cells, which ranks first among the company's prominent games, players revive a creature. Players who manage this character have to fight the enemies that come their way. There are also several levels in the game. Each level helps the player get new upgrades and discover new weapons.

Which Systems Has Playdigious Published Games?

Playdigious has been involved in the development process of many games since its establishment and has published games on different platforms. The games and platforms published by the company are as follows;

  • Northgard

February 22, 2017; PC, XBOX and PS4

  • Evoland 2

August 25, 2015; PC

June 20, 2018; IOS and ANDROID

February 5, 2019; PS4

February 8, 2019; XBOX

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