Zula 34.000 + 3400 Bonus Gold

  • Zula 34.000 + 3400 Bonus Gold 6.44€


Zula is the first Turkish made game in the MMOFPS genre. It is a game that you can register and download free of charge from the website of zulaoyun.com. There are two enemy groups in this game. The first group is the Zula team, which is formed by former intelligence, and the other group called Gladio is a formation that contains mercenaries. You can engage in the battle by joining one of these groups.


The currency you can use in the game is called Zula Gold. You can buy armory, equipment, and a lot of items from the in-game market with the Zula Gold. Also, with XP boosts, you can get an edge over your opponents. You can improve a weapon you have mastered in the game, or you can buy in-game cosmetics unique to that weapon with Zula Gold.