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God of War Dragon Locations

God of War dragon locations are essential to know when attempting to find and free the three dragons in the game. One of the primary tasks in the game is to release the trapped dragons, Fafnir, Otr, and Reginn, all of whom are found in the realm of Midgard. However, finding them is not enough; you must also eliminate the three shrines imprisoning each dragon.

As you approach the location of a dragon, you will see a related quest to complete. Progress through these quests to find and free the dragons, ultimately obtaining dragon tears as a reward.


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God of War Fafnir Yeri

How to Find and Free Fafnir in God of War:

Fafnir is the first dragon you need to free. He can be found near the left side of Alfheim Tower at the shores of the Lake of Nine. In this area, you will encounter a climbable cliff blocked by debris. Use Atreus' shock arrows to destroy the debris and shoot the red crystal. Then, use the cliff to reach the large gates on the left, starting Fafnir's Flight quest and leading you to Fafnir's location. Be sure to equip your best armor set while progressing.

Eliminate any enemies encountered along the way, including a praying draugr near the shrine. Use the Leviathan axe to destroy the shrine, then exit the dark area and proceed left to the second shrine, avoiding Fafnir's lightning attacks. The last shrine is located in the southeast corner of the area. Defeat a powerful draugr and destroy the shrine to free Fafnir, claiming your first dragon reward.

God of War Otr Yeri

How to Find and Free Otr in God of War

To find Otr, head to the hidden area of Veithurgard. To reach it, travel to the right side of Alfheim Tower and proceed east from Stone Falls until you find a place to dock your boat. Climb the nearby cliff, using shock arrows to clear obstacles. Use the large wheel on the ground to open the doors to Veithurgard and unlock Otr's Imprisonment quest by heading towards the dock.

Otr will launch lightning attacks at you, so be cautious while following the provided cover and protections. Proceed until you see a praying draugr near the shrine. Eliminate the draugr and destroy the shrine with the Leviathan axe. Continue on the grassy path to find and defeat another draugr and destroy another shrine. The final shrine is in a different direction, so head to the grassy area, follow the path under the rope bridge, and climb the bridge at the end. Solve the puzzle, proceed further, and destroy the last shrine to free Otr, the second dragon.God of War Reginn Yeri

How to Find and Free Reginn in God of War?

Reginn is the final dragon and requires completing two quests for the dwarf blacksmith brothers, Brok and Sindri, to unlock the Konunsgard region. Once in Konunsgard, the "Fire of Reginn" quest will begin.

Follow the same steps as with the previous dragons, but this time you will face both draugrs and wyrms. Use the Blades of Chaos to defeat them quickly. After clearing the area, return to the gates with hanging chains.

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