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How to Obtain Smouldering Embers in God of War

In God of War, Smoldering Embers is a simple but essential component to complete the main story. The reason is that they are required to upgrade your equipment to the best version. You can obtain Smoldering Embers by completing important challenge tasks in Muspelheim. This method can also be used to acquire other crafting materials in the game.

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Introduction to Smoldering Embers in God of War

After obtaining Smoldering Embers, you can use them to upgrade your equipment. To do this, visit a workbench near the dwarf characters Sindri and Brok, who assist Kratos throughout the story. This allows you to equip all your gear and use the Smoldering Embers while at the forge.

How to Obtain Smoldering Embers

Obtaining Smoldering Embers in God of War is not easy, as they are among the most valuable items in the game. You need to travel to Muspelheim and complete six challenge tasks to unlock various rewards, including Smoldering Embers.

Muspelheim is a realm that can be visited during the main story of the game. To enter Muspelheim, you must speak to the Witch twice and successfully solve the cave puzzle. After completing these two tasks, you can access the Muspelheim realm.

First and Second Arenas

If you are proficient and skilled in God of War's combat system, the first arena challenge won't be too difficult. The challenge requires you to defeat 15 enemies in less than three minutes and quickly defeat a group of enemies in succession. The first arena's enemies are not particularly challenging, but this may not be easy if you are playing on the highest difficulty level, Chaos Mode.

The second arena presents different challenges, but they are still surmountable. To obtain more Smoldering Embers and additional rewards, you must survive for at least five minutes and finish the arena while enemies have their health replenished.

Third and Fourth Arenas

The third arena offers a higher chance of obtaining Smoldering Embers, as the requirements for winning each reward are higher. Instead of defeating enemies, you can complete specific objectives to earn rewards.

The fourth arena presents a daunting challenge: defeating 100 enemies. However, an even more difficult task awaits in the second challenge of this arena. In God of War, enemies can capture Atreus and prevent him from attacking. Kratos must free him before being defeated. Managing both Atreus and multiple enemies simultaneously can be frustrating. To claim the bonus rewards, including more Smoldering Embers, you must prevent enemies from capturing Atreus more than twice. Stay close to Atreus and pay attention to him during the battle.

Fifth and Final Arenas

The fifth arena features more enemies and more intense objectives. To gain time in the first task, you must defeat enemies quickly. The second task is crucial: you must avoid taking damage from at least 20 enemies throughout the battle. You need to move quickly and be well-versed in God of War's core control system to achieve this challenging goal.

The final arena in Muspelheim features a boss battle. This fight, against Valkyrie Gondul, will prove to be a tough challenge. The best tactic is to memorize her fire attacks after she hits the ground and avoid them accordingly. Additionally, be constantly vigilant against her fast and hard-to-block attacks. Rolling at the right moments will help you succeed. Upon completing this battle, you can obtain Smoldering Embers.

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