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  • What is Apple?

    What Is Apple?

       Apple,formerly Apple Computer Inc. , is a California based company that designs and sells electronic products, computer software, and personal computers. At first Apple was only designs computers called Mac, later they focused digital and electronical products. The company changed its name to Apple Inc. After iPhone relased on 1997.

    Who Is The Owner Of The Apple?

       The Apple Inc. is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. They started this company for selling a computer called Apple 1.

    When Was Apple Founded?

       In April 1, 1976

    How Many People Are Using Apple?

      According to the data of 2020, iPhone, which is the most famous product of apple, has over 1 billion users in the world.

    What Are The Apple’s Products?




    .Apple Watch

    .Apple TV

    .Apple Music

    .Apple Airpods


    What Is App Store?

       App Store is Apple’s online mobile application store. So many free or paid mobile applications are available here.

    What Is IOS?

       IOS is a operating system that developed by Apple for iPhone devices. At first IOS was developed for the iPhone in 2007, but it began to be used on iPods and iPads over time.

    How Much Are App Store Gift Cards and Itunes Gift Cards?

       For using Apple’s digital services, Gift cards are can be used. Prices are;

    .50$ Gift Card

    .100$ Gift Card

    What Are Popular Strategy Games?
    Strategy games are also a type of game that offers people the opportunity to improve themselves....
    What is an App Store and iTunes Gift Card?
    Apple and iTunes gift cards, which released by Apple, allow users to access to digital services without credit card or bank card....