Razer Gold 50 EUR

  • Razer Gold 50 EUR 50.49€

Razer Gold

Razer Gold is a virtual currency unit that players around the world can use. You can use Razer Gold to buy the products you want in the games. Also, you can take advantage of Razer Gold and Razer Silver exclusive in-game discounts and get better content at a more affordable price.

You can make purchases using Razer Gold for more than 33,000 games and entertainment content. You can continue your purchases by earning Razer Silver as a reward for every Razer Gold spend you make.

Why should I use Razer Gold for game and app purchases

  • You can take advantage of special discounts on games.
  • You can own limited edition Razer branded game items.
  • You can take advantage of special promotions for in-game purchases.
  • You can pay in your own currency using local pricing.
  • The Razer Gold you spend will return to you as Razer Silver.