Swag And Sorcery

Welcome to Swag and Sorcery, a new streamlined RPG from the creators of Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper! Build your own fantasy village, train and equip your heroes and send them out to collect Swag! Gameplay - Equip your heroes - Send them out to fights (up to 3 parties at a time), and closely monitor the swag they get by progressing through levels - Pull them out of combat if they're about to die (otherwise they lose their loot) - Upgrade the heroes in your village and Repeat Story Embark on an epic quest to retrieve the king's missing... suit. He really loves it. Wants it back. Let's put all the heroes into mortal danger for this important mission! At its core Swag and Sorcery is an epic, ruthless adventure that both RPG and idle game fans will appreciate. There's also a sarcastic cat.

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